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Saint John's Eastern Orthodox Church

1101 Bell Street, Amarillo, Texas, 79106                            (806) 355-0683

Schedule for Sep/Oct:


     Saturday, September 10th:
                     Vespers – 6:00 PM

  Sunday, September 11th:
                     Orthros – 9:00 AM,
               Divine Liturgy – 10:00 AM
               Parish Council Meeting

  Saturday, September 24th:
                     Vespers – 6:00 PM

  Sunday, September 25th:
                     Orthros – 9:00 AM,
               Divine Liturgy – 10:00 AM

  Saturday, October 1st:
                      Loukoumades Breakfast

   Saturday, October 8th:
                     Vespers – 6:00 PM

  Sunday, October 9th:
                     Orthros – 9:00 AM,
               Divine Liturgy – 10:00 AM
               Parish Council Meeting

  Saturday, October 29th:
                     Vespers – 6:00 PM              

  Sunday, October 30th:
                     Orthros – 9:00 AM,
               Divine Liturgy – 10:00 AM

On the weekends when Fr. David is not here,
Bible Study is held on Sunday mornings at 11:00 am. Eritrean/Ethiopian Bible Study is at 4:00 pm every Saturday.

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Message from Father David

 “Works are a fruit, the expression of a real vision, but they do not advance the way of love.” – Metropolitan Georges of Byblos of Lebanon.

If we seem accepting of the events around us in this American culture, we as Orthodox Christians must address the false gods that beg our attention and our action, our works. Many of us may be saddened by the many, many acts of obvious cruelty and neglect of those, who because of war, must flee the scene and risk everything to find a more quiet place so that their life may not be threatened.

We live in a Republic that declares the truth that “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is our vision. It is that vision that has drawn many masses of people to the United States and Canada. Each of us have this emerging hope as part of our personal family history. It almost (at times like the present) seems like “an embarrassment of riches”. The opportunities presented to each of us we have appropriated by hard work in an occupation, in acquiring knowledge through public education, in freedom to be mobile geographically, in being able to choose our lifestyle, in being a responsible citizen, and to worship God, as we declare on our currency for “in God We Trust.”

At this present moment of the new millennium that just began 16 years ago, many of the above values have come under threat. As a result, fear abounds and extremely serious issues appear to grow daily. The time of testing for us has always been with us. Our collective cultural history has in so many ways been under siege. From the earliest desires to have freedom; to have freedom to worship has lead us to divisiveness and separation from one another. Neither the vision of “in God We Trust” no “e pluribus unum” (from many, one) have been fulfilled to the greatest degree for the general public or minorities expressed by nationality, language, race, and wealth.

Our system of republican government, though called “the noble experiment in democracy” has been continually emerging through difficult trial within our borders and from without from imperial appetites. The capacity to govern ourselves and be responsible in our public dealings, our economic growth, our religious understanding and knowledge have lagged behind the moral and spiritual sensibility so necessary!

Our Christian Orthodoxy with it’s valuable rituals, hymnology, deep mystical belief, sacramental attitudes and lifestyle arrived here on this continent in Alaska, California, and Florida initially as a missionary endeavor. Orthodoxy followed the exhortation of Christ Himself…”…go therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit….”. Orthodoxy was not then, nor is now, an occupying force. It came to this foreign place to bring the gospel of the Divine Conqueror, Christ, who guarantees Eternal Life and the capacity to struggle, to overcome all obstacles through prayer, fasting, and sharing life through the giving of alms.

Orthodoxy brought to this continent the idea of mutuality, a sense of community proscribed by the voice of Christ when speaking to His Disciples as He speaks to us today when there was then as there is now the controversy of primacy. He brought them to true understanding by saying to them, “the first shall be last and the last first.” A life dedicated to service, humility, and love, but above all, Agape love.

The vision is still valid for Orthodox, yet quite rigorous. We are given this reminder in every Divine Liturgy, “Let us love one another so that we may with one mind confess”…The response by all present, “the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, one in essence and undivided.”

The Creed that we confess and profess is the necessary element in overcoming the current challenges of “flood, fire, war, displacement, civil unrest, and invasion by alien forces”. Our way of love has always been the solution to our individual and our national identity. Let us as Orthodox persons claim the gift of “mercy not judgment” as we address our immediate future.

The world is looking to us all as the example of goodness, generosity, and hope. Let us each who are eligible express our conscious, thoughtful decisions for leadership so as it is prayed in the Divine Liturgy…”our leaders may govern in peace and that in their tranquility we may live a serene life in piety and holiness”…..May it be so!

If you have not turned in your 2016 stewardship pledge card yet, December is the time to do so.  We cannot determine a budget for the year without a proposed income for the year.  Pledges are the only “hard number” that we have to determine our ability to pay the church’s expenses throughout the year.  It is our generosity in giving that keeps not only St. John’s operating, but our membership in the Archdiocese and the Metropolis.
See Carl or Rex to get your card if you need one.

Eritrean/Ethiopian  Bible Study is held each Saturday afternoon at 4:00 and all are invited to come to this special time of worship.
Also, on the Sundays when Fr. David is not present we have Bible Study at 11:00 am, with the church opening earlier so that we may all enter and prepare ourselves through prayer and meditations.