June 2019 Newsletter

Christ is Risen, Truly He is Risen


Thank You

Thanks again to Aster for baking Prosofer month of May.

Thanks to Eve for baking Prosofer month of June.

Thanks to Ron Beck for keeping our grass mowed & trimmed.

Thanks to Manny for killing the weeds in the parking lot & behind the church.

Thanks to Victory for the roses in the front. They sure looked pretty this last Sunday.


Birthdays & anniversaries

Michael Costas birthday May 18

Eve & Manny Melotakis Anniversary (59 yrs.) June 22nd.

Hronia polla” (χρόνια πολλά)


Special Announcement
There have been changes in this months schedule due to several things that have to take place. Fr. David will be with us on Saturday June 1st. & Sunday June 2nd. We will skip a week & he will be back on June 14, 15th & 16th. Fr. David will not be back until July 13 & 14.

Let’s not forget we have a Loukoumades Breakfast & Bake Sale coming up June 15th. 7:30am. To 10:30am. We need volunteers, Bakers for the bake sale, servers, cooks for the loukoumades, people to help clean up afterward. We need your help on this fund raiser for the Church. We also need everyone to sell as many tickets as possible. Tickets are at the church. See Eve, Rania or Faye.

There will be a General Assemble meeting on the June 16th. At this meeting there are several things we need to discuss, financial status of the church, Stewarsthip, and we need three delegates who wish to attend the Clergy Laity Conference in Tulsa Ok. on the 28th.,29th. 30th.of June.

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