July 2019 Newsletter

Thank You

Thanks to Eve again for baking of prosofer month of June.

Thanks to Allison Butler for baking of prosofer month of July.

Thanks to everyone who baked, who helped with the cooking who help clean up, who sold tickets, who took the tickets who done the shopping for the bake sale & the Loukoumades breakfast. Thanks Fred for getting the lights fixed in the hall before the breakfast.



Schedule for July 

July 7 Typika & Bible Study 11am

July 13 Saturday Vespers 6pm

July 14 Sunday Holy Fathers 4th Ecumenical Council

             Orthros 9am

             Divine Liturgy 10am

July 21st Typika & Bible Study 11am

July 27th Saturday Vespers 6pm

July 28th Sunday 

               Othros 9am

               Divine Liturgy 10am

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