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Special Thanks and Announcements

Thank You’s 

·         Thank you Manny for keeping the summer weeds down and away from our parking lot and property!

·         Thank you Carl Williams for repairing the sky light above the altar!

·         A big thank you to Ron, Lora, Victoria, Cynthia, and other helpers for taking care of our garden and flowers around the church!  Everything looks amazing.

·         Thank you to Dimitra for baking Prosphora in June! 


·         Ron Beck’s mother will celebrate her 102nd birthday on July 11th this year!  Many years!

·         The Grant Committee is meeting each Wednesday evening to draft the proposal letter for the Small Parish Grant.  We are asking for input from the Parish in this process.  Please contact Faye, or a member of the Parish Council in order to submit your input for the Grant Proposal.

·         July Prosphora:  Eve

·         August Prosphora:  Aster

·         Please pray for Mike Hale, who passed away earlier this month.  He was killed in a car accident.  He was a friend, teacher, and high school football coach of Josh Butler.  May his memory be eternal.

·         Services are being held each Lord’s Day at our Parish.  Not just on alternating Sundays.  When Father David is not here, come and join us for Bible Study.  We have moved to the sanctuary and a readers Typica service will be offered starting at 11:00 am.  This will be followed by a Bible Study lead by Rez and Tim.  Come and join us.


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