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Special Thanks and Announcements

Thank You’s 

·         Thank you to everyone who has helped replace the ceiling tiles in the sanctuary and alter area.  Looking great!

·         Thank you Carl Williams for allowing the use of all your ladders.

·         Thank you to Dimitra and Eve, who will be baking Prosphora for January and February.

·         Thank you Faye for the beautiful poinsettias you purchased to decorate.

·         Thank you to all of the Christmas Bake Sale Bakers:  Dimitra, Eve, and Faye

·         Thank you to Faye again for providing the kids a Christmas present!


·         We have tentatively set a date for a visit from Bishop Isaiah in 2018.  September is the proposed month.  We will continue to update everyone throughout the year to this wonderful news.

·         The 2018 Icon Calendars are ready.  Please feel free to take a couple for your use at home for next year.  Thank you to Josh and Allison for sponsoring the calendars for 2018.

·        Theophany of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
is January 6


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