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Message from Father David

This reflection is a request.

 The request was offered centuries ago. The request is being made again in this age. On the first Sunday of Lent; Christ himself sends Philip to invite Nathaniel "a man without quile" to join in that ministry which He was beginning as the God-man. His ministry to each one, and all of us, to become followers of Him.

In these next five weeks we can answer the call to "Follow Me" and "Come and See"

It is this request that I ask and wish all to respond to who are in the reach of this reflection. That we all consider this invitation in the real world of today. The world where Peace seems no longer to abound and ferocity of purpose has replaced it. It is as though we Christians are wavering under the pressure and challenge of this present age.

We as human beings made in the "image and likeness of God" have lapsed in our faith that God's Pascha is the guarantee of a good life in this fallen universe. His pascha brought to us as a gift to those who believe He is " The Who" we are waiting for.

The martyrs, the fathers and mothers, the ascetics, the helpless, the hopeless, the poor and their poverty-stricken refugees, those with means, those with authority, knew this passage as Pascha. They followed Him, His trial,(which they demanded), His mocking, the infamy of that age, They were dumbfounded by; not only His death but also His rising from being dead three days.

Our age and our gods of this age distract us as it did those of centuries ago. The ecclesia (gathering) of that age, like the ecclesia (the Church) of this age is repeating  the circumstances. We, like those of that age are waiting for a miracle!

The miracle of today’s' age is in the renewal of our faith in the Risen Lord !

WE who worship in His house can deepen our personal experience of the tragedy through our being present to moments of Jesus’ call to come out of the tomb of our disbelief. By being ourselves identified as His  friend Lazarus. When He called Lazarus  to "Come out". We are to respond likewise!

We must make every effort to be present to our worship in Orthodoxy. The new yet Tradition we have received.

We must guard ourselves from falling into temptation, held captive by our past and present habits of mind and body. This is, and can be, the new moment of our personal Pascha when we verify our membership in Christ's Church. 

May we, as the disciples and followers of that age, in this age, be "dumbfounded" by our true faith in our salvation, the risen Christ. The True Miracle we are waiting for and striving ceaselessly to understand and embody in heart and mind. Our Transformed person, our Renewed Self our deepened Faith.


Eritrean/Ethiopian Bible Study is held each Saturday afternoon at 4:00 and all are invited to come to this special time of worship.
Also, on the Sundays when Fr. David is not present we have Bible Study at 11:00 am, with the church opening earlier so that we may all enter and prepare ourselves through prayer and meditations.

News Letter


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