John the ForerummerSaint John's Eastern Orthodox Church

 Bringing Orthodox Christian Faith to Amarillo


Holy Week Schedule

 April 19th. Friday: 6:00pm Ninth Hr. 7:00pm Presanctified Liturgy

April 20th. Lazarus Saturday: 9:00am Orthros, 10:00am Divine Liturgy (afterwards folding of Palms by the Faithful) 5:00pm Vespers

April 21st. Palms Sunday: 9:00am Orthros, 10:00am Divine Liturgy (Afterwards There will be a fish dinner

Sponsored by Chief Josh & Allison Butler). We might help by bringing sides dishes for the fish & deserts

April 22nd. Holy Monday: 9:00am. Ninth Hr. 10:00am Presanctified Liturgy, 6:00pm Bridegroom service.

April 23 rd. Holy Tuesday: 9:00am Ninth Hr. 10:00am Presanctified Liturgy, 6:00pm Bridegroom Service.

April 24th. Holy Wednesday: 9:00am Ninth Hr. 10:00am Presanctified Liturgy, 6:00pm Sacred Unction Healing Service (Anointing with Holy Oil )

April 25th. Holy Thursday: 9:00am Institution of the Eucharist 10:00am Divine Liturgy, 6:00pm 12 Gospels of Christ Passion

April 26th. Holy Friday: 9:00am the Royal Hours Vigil of Placing Flowers by the Faithful on the Epitaphia, 2:00pm

The Apokathelosis, the Removal of the Body of Christ from the Cross. 6:00pm Funeral Service of Christ

Lamentations Procession with the Epitaphia, weather permitting around the Church.

April 27th. Holy Saturday: Protoanastasis Liturgy, 9:00am. Orthros 10:00am Divine Liturgy. 12:00pm Midnight

Divine Liturgy of Anastasia (Resurrection Service). Immediately after distribution of Red eggs and flowers from the

Epitaphies. All are invited to attend the Resurrection Breakfast, in the Community Hall "Sponsored by

“Chief Manny, Rezene & Carl" "Christ is Risen"

April 28th. Resurrection Sunday: 12:00am. Agape Vespers, The Gospel read in many Languages, All are invited to

Attend The Grand Traditional Lamb Banquet in the Community Hall. The lamb is donated by several families in the community

The Chefs for the Meal is Manny, Rezen & Carl. Bring your favorite deserts